We are a passionate and skilled collective of experienced interpretation planners, makers, designers, interactive developers and project managers with many, many years of experience.

(and plenty of grey hairs to show for it)

We understand first-hand the challenges faced in creating fun, informative and engaging interactive public spaces and experiences whilst fully considering operational constraints and restrictions.

  • Have you finally got your funding in place and are now ready to start putting your new exhibition together?

  • Are you a designer with an amazing idea but can't work out how to realise it?

  • Are you missing the in-house expertise to bring your vision to life, or just don’t know where to start?

  • Are you just looking for someone to design your exhibition identity, make you an interactive about shopping or build you a wind-powered rainbow?

Invite us to join you on your journey and we will assemble and manage the right team for your project and deliver your requirements, on time and within budget.

Super friendly

We’re more than happy to have a gas with you about your ideas and what you want to achieve – so drop us a line and we’ll give you some pointers to get you underway.

We love a problem to solve

We love a creative challenge, whether you need three metre high mushrooms, graphics-printing toasters, musical umbrellas, touch-screen showcases, or just need help in planning out your project.

Committed to you

We’ll work and work and work to make sure you get the best from us: the most value for your money, the highest quality, excellent service and will always put your interests first.

Just a bit of

what we can do for you

graphic design

We work with some amazing Graphic Designers who will bring your exhibition alive, connect with your audience and create that identity which says everything in an instant.

3d design & management

We can help you with your space planning and overall exhibition design and manage the entire process to enable you to get your vision built. You can bet that we’ll know exactly the right designer for your project.

interpretive technology & interactives

Interactive technology can play a vital role in story telling and our boffins can make just about any piece of magic happen. These bespoke animated LEDs became the River Thames for a huge interactive model of London at The Kew Steam Bridge Museum.

project management

With bags of experience managing the entire process of exhibition development and delivery, we can help you plan the project, develop content and interpretation strategies, find the right sub-contractors, lead your procurement, co-ordinate delivery and just about anything else needed to make sure the wheels of your project run smoothly..

Pick our brains?

Feel free to contact us about your project on 01422 617697
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